The current U.S. economic collapse is described by some as simply “the new economy” while others are naming it the largest recession since the late 1930′s.
Although the real estate market has played an enormous part to the U.S. financial instability there are certainly additional contributing factors at play.
No matter how you slice it, when government and in many cases the private sector chooses to release restraint of lending standards and increase consumer credit, the result will always be short term growth verses long term strength and endurance. Unfortunatley, when choices are made to lend more than a nation can bare the financial hardship deepens. What once was named a U.S. deficit of sorts has now become a crisis among our global economy therefore, no longer viewed as the concern of one nation but that of many.
As we continue to see politics in full swing with the up coming Presidential election we are reminded of the origination of a great and some what sacred nation. Will we in fact continue down this path of economic demise or will we rise to a new and better tomorrow?
The U.S. has and will continue to be a focal point for solidity and endurance.

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