The post recession job market is a tough nut to crack.

Official unemployment is at 8 percent or better. Real unemployment, though, is really near 16 percent. The federal government refuses to count people who have given up looking for work.

With all these unemployed people looking for work, it’s become tougher to find a job. Employers can take their time and pick the best workers. That makes finding a good job tough.

The Obama administration wants to greatly increase the number of Read the rest of this entry »

The Delicacies Of Choosing A Vice Presidential Candidate

Making The Right Choice
Choosing the right vice presidential running mate is a tough decision. Furthermore, it is a decision that can positively or negatively affect your campaign. In this sense, a vice president is the next person in line if the president dies. Therefore, people view the vice president as an important person in the decision making process. A vice president also has many roles, responsibilities and obligations when they enter the White House. Therefore, the reputation of a vice president plays a Read the rest of this entry »

For years, we have understood that polls are difficult things to master. On the one hand, they can give valuable insight into the minds of the American populace. On the other, they can easily be swayed and skewed to fit the paradigm of whoever is administering it.
The strongest evidence we see for the latter criticism is in the variance of the statistics themselves. We can take a very simple question and twist it so that it forces reasonably minded people to vote a certain way. Read the rest of this entry »

In 1994, the first national health care bill submitted to congress failed, and health care has since been on the minds of Americans and politicians. Since then, it became apparent that something needed to be done about the ever-increasing concerns of the rising costs of health care.

There are several contributing factors in the dilemma this country finds itself today. The spiraling costs of research and development of new medications and advanced medical technology, are ultimately paid by our citizens through health care insurance. As these costs continue to rise, many patients Read the rest of this entry »

From 1776 to 2012 Americans have debated every issue you can think of. They have formed political parties to legitimize their debates. These parties have been ingrained in the American fabric of society to such and extent, that it has become a norm to ask a person what their political affiliation is. This is the way you can easily determine beforehand what their answers are going to be, without you having to ask them.
There is one thing, however, that both political parties have in common. In fact no matter what the issue is, no matter Read the rest of this entry »

The relationship between taxes of individual countries and the global economy is a complicated but important one. Many of the current economic problems, in fact, have to do with taxation—or at least, with the inability of taxes to deal with spending.

Essentially all of the more developed or Westernized countries have large governments that offer extensive social services, as well as very large military budgets, an extensive bureaucracy to pay and provide for, et cetera. And for these countries a deficit is the norm Read the rest of this entry »

The current U.S. economic collapse is described by some as simply “the new economy” while others are naming it the largest recession since the late 1930′s.
Although the real estate market has played an enormous part to the U.S. financial instability there are certainly additional contributing factors at play.
No matter how you slice it, when government and in many cases the private sector chooses to release restraint of lending standards and increase consumer credit, the result will always be short term growth verses long term strength and endurance. Unfortunatley, when choices are made to lend more Read the rest of this entry »

On June 28, 2012 millions of Americans waited for the Supreme Court to announce the decision over constitutionality of the mandate in ACA, the Affordable care Act. Closely watching were people both in favor and against the mandate. The question raised was whether government had the power under the Commerce Clause to force people to buy a product or suffer a penalty. President Obama, members of Congress and presidential candidate Romney prepared speeches for either Supreme Court decision. A 5 to 4 vote from the Supreme Court Read the rest of this entry »